Lip Balm or Chapstick?

lip balm

Don't you remember when "lip balm" wasn't called lip balm but was called "chapstick"?  You went nowhere without your "chapstick" in your bag.  You slathered it on to keep those lips moisturised and protected.  Those lips had to be blemish free, with no sign of dryness or chapped lips, and definitely no cold sores.  Cold sores were a no-no, a sign of weakness, a reason to lower your head in shame when you wanted to hide away so that the world could not see your cursed lips.  Don't you remember the different flavours that came with chapstick?  One I remember is cherry and another is spearmint.  Yummy yummy!!  I believe that there was also strawberry-flavoured chapstick too (or was it raspberry-flavoured?).  One was so cool when one took out their chapstick and covered it on the lips.  Sooo Cooool!

Chapstick, in fact, is a brand name for lip balm and, according to Wikipedia, manufactured by Haleon.  But we used the name for any product that was for the lips.  Or at least I did.  Maybe one has to be the other side of 40 to appreciate what I'm saying.  I'm not quite sure when "lip balm" became the word to describe lip balm. Nowadays, the name still holds but the word "lip balm" seems to be a more popular term for what protects and moisturises the lips. 

When one talked about chapstick and needing it, it was because the lips were in a sorry state - all chapped and with cold sores.  One felt very miserable and vulnerable around the mouth.  In winter the cold wind was exacerbating the problem.  Or perhaps the relentless sun in the summer (not that we get too much of that here in Ireland).  There was nothing worse than having chapped lips


Heartworks Skincare Natural Beeswax Lip Balm 

And now I'll blow my own horn here!!  At Heartworks-Skincare we make a lip balm that truly does what it says on the tin.  It moisturises and, at the same time, protects the very delicate skin on the lips.  With beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter as its chief ingredients it takes good care of your lips.  There are 6 variations all of which are with different essential oils as the fragrance.  Try one today!  You won't be sorry

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