From Radish to Rocket

Radishes and rocket leaves have amazing nutritional value and as they are usually eaten raw that adds to their health benefits for those who eat them regularly.  


Health Benefits of Radish

Radishes are very high in Vitamin C, especially the radish leaves.  They are also a good source of calcium and the trace mineral molybdenum and also a good source of folic acid and potassium.  .

They are reputed to have cancer-protective properties being a member of the cruciferous family.  

It is also a medicinal food for liver disorders.  They contain a variety of sulphur-based chemicals that increase the flow of bile. So they can help to maintain healthy gallbladders and liver and can improve digestion.

For the skin, in some countries, the seeds are applied to the face to get rid of blackheads and freckles.

Health Benefits of Rocket


rocket leaves


Also a member of the cruciferous family but completely distinct to radish, this leafy green vegetable has two varieties:- domestic and wild.  I prefer the smaller leaves of the wild version.  It is an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, manganese, calcium and magnesium.  As well as it being a very good source of riboflavin, potassium, coper and iron and zinc, it carries very few calories.

Like most cruciferous vegetables, it has cancer protective properties with glucosinolates which exert antioxidant activity.  It is a great detoxifier as it is produces natural detoxifying enzymes in the body..  It also contains phytochemicals, such as carotenes and chlorophyll making it an excellent antioxidant..   

For your skin, any vegetable that helps eliminate toxins from the body, like rocket, will also benefit the skin.


If at all possible, these two wonderful vegtables should be included in you diet and eaten at least three times a week to help maintain a healthy body and skin

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