What is a moisturising cream?

A moisturising cream is one that moisturises your skin, a cream with moisturising oils and botanicals in it.  If you suffer from dry skin then you would do well to read on.  But even people who suffer from oily skin can also have a need for a moisturising cream.  

moisturising night face cream

The difference between a moisturising cream and a moisturising lotion is that the lotion carries a certain amount of water in it and a cream might not.  Basically, a moisturiser can come in lotion form or cream form.  

In our moisturising night face cream, we have many oils that offer this moisturising quality.  For example, in one of our creams, there is rosehip oil and/or vitamin e oil, both good for moisturising.  In another cream, we have aloe vera butter or evening primrose oil also great for moisturising.   And as mentioned before, some people with oily skin also need it moisturised.  For this our night face cream for oily skin types with the wonder jojoba oil is excellent.  Jojoba oil is not only great for moisturising but it also sends a message to the sebum production in your skin to stop producing.  It mimics the sebum in the skin, telling the skin that there is enough and not to produce more.  

Besides all of the above, the base oils in all our night face creams are all moisturising:- sweet almond, apricot kernel, shea butter, beeswax, avocado oil, each holding its own unique qualities that are great for the skin, adding huge benefits to the skin.  An application of our night face cream nightly on the skin should see big changes to the moisture content of the skin within 3 weeks.  

Bottom line is that a moisturising cream, applied daily to the skin and especially one that carries so many wonderful moisturising oils will hugely benefit the skin and the difference can be seen within weeks.



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