The Calming Chamomile

These days I'm out every day harvesting the flowers of the chamomile plant.  I just love the scent while I'm picking them, it calms me right down.  But not only that, I get a sense of elation, a natural high, so to speak.

calming chamomile

How To Harvest Chamomile

Between two fingers, say your middle and index finger, take the flower and pull gently upwards to release it from its stem.  These flowers I'll put into a large cardboard box and spread out the flowers.  This box, I leave in a shady area of the house and leave to dry naturally.  After 3 weeks it is ready to put into a jar and do with it whatever you will!

The Benefits of Chamomile

It has long been known that chamomile helps one to sleep at night.  It seems to have a sedative effect on the body, slowing it right down. A hot chamomile tea before bed will almost guarantee a good night's sleep

Did you know that it is also great for stomach problems, such as, indigestion.  It's a homeopathic remedy for stomach upset brought on by too much coffee or tea.

Another use for it is for teething babies.  I remember once a friend came to visit with her 6/8 month old baby who was teething.  It was very difficult for us to have a conversation as the baby was restless, didn't know what he needed and was beside himself with pain.  So I happened to have chamomile homeopathy in my homeopathic kit and I took out a pillule and brought it to the baby's mouth (All this is not supposed to be done that way but I did it anyway).  Before I got within 2 inches of the baby's mouth, he was already asleep.  True Story!!

Yet another use for it is for the pregnant mother about to give birth.  A bath with a few drops of chamomile essential oil will ease pain of labour and calm her down.  I also witnessed this using it when I was in labour both times.

It also is beneficial in many ways for the skin.  It is full of anti-oxidants which will be responsible for regenerating the skin, tightening the pores and slowing down the effects of ageing in the skin.  It can also do away with blemishes on the skin.  It's anti-inflammatory properties help skin irritation and redness


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