The benefits of Bentonite Clay

With bentonite clay you can make many skincare products and none other than cream deodorant.  But you can also make a clay face mask with it or you can put it into a soap that you make yourself.  Why put bentonite clay in there in the first place?

Well, bentonite clay has many benefits:-

  • Clays, in general, are rich in minerals and the skin loves minerals and needs them
  • Bentonite clay is exfoliating and takes away dead skin if used in a soap
  • It also draws out toxins.  This is why we use it in our cream deodorant
  • It's anti-bacterial
  • And anti-inflammatory
  • It can soothe skin rashes
  • It has moisturising properties
  • It's great for people with oily skin as it removes excess oil

clay mask

You wouldn't be using bentonite clay as a face mask every day but once a week or a fortnight will show great improvement to the skin.

To make a clay mask, simply get bentonite clay and add some water until you have a smooth paste that can easily be spread on your face.  Leave for about 15 minutes and wash off with warm water.  You can use a kind gentle soap to help in this process.

If you're making a soap or a deodorant make sure it's not more than 5% of the total mixture because these products you will be using every day and bentonite clay could dry out your skin.

natural cream deodorant
For more information click on our natural cream deodorant.  If you are looking for a soap with a clay (not bentonite but rose clay) go to our natural handmade soap
Making up a face mask once a fortnight will be very beneficial for acne sufferers because half their problem is  excessive sebum production.  And the other half of their problems lies in the pores getting blocked with grime and dirt and sometimes becoming infected.  It can easily be seen how bentonite clay would benefit people with acne.  Try it out!  You've nothing to lose



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