Dryness Versus Dehydration

When we talk about you skin being dry we are talking about your skin type - dry skin which is lacking in oil.  When we are talking about skin being dehydrated we mean to say that it is lacking in water


You can find out for yourself whether your skin is dehydrated or not by taking between your thumb and your index finger some skin on you lower arm.  Pull it up gently  as if to form a tent.  If it goes back to normal quickly then you're ok.  If it's slow to come back to normal then this might mean your skin is dehydrated.


The solution to dehydration is quite simple - drink plenty of water and make sure you have enough salts in your body too to hold in the liquid.  I'm not saying that you should take an abundance of salt.  I'm saying that you need a certain amount in your body.  Otherwise it just gets peed down the toiler or fizzles out in the air.  Avoid alcohol and coffee as they dehydrate one.

Dry Skin Type

As stated before, dry skin is a type of skin, just like oily skin is a type of skin.  Dry skin needs lots of oil on it.  Rubbing a mixture of oils on your skin every day should help to maintain good healthy skin.  The oils should be well rubbed in and you can use these moments to give you skin a good rub and/or massage

So to avoid having dry and dehydrated skin there are a number of steps you can take

Drink plenty of water daily.  They say at least 2 litres a day

Avoid taking too much sun and use sun protection

Keep alcohol and coffee to a minimum

Rub on nice oils like sweet almond oil or a good body butter on your skin daily.  Use a good face cream daily too, rubbing in very well and especially on the face using upward movements.  Make sure the creams, butters and lotions you use are natural with no harsh chemical

skincare without harsh chemicals

Use small amounts of salt in your food.  Food shouldn't take salty but should have a bit of salt in it

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