Caring For Your Dry Skin

Most of us have some part of our body with dry skin.  It can occur on the elbows, or the nose and T area on your face.  Behind your ears might have very dry skin or indeed your hands.   Dry skin can be the result of medication we're on or our diet or even our environment.

dry skin

How To Treat Dry Skin

There are a number of recommendations to help avoid dryness in the skin and it ain't rocket science!

  • First and foremost, applying a good quality moisturiser daily will be key here.  If the condition is very bad your doctor might recommend a medicated formula.  Personally, I believe that all you need is a good quality moisturiser in the form of oils.  A cream or balm without artificial additives or fragrances is super important.
  • Then I would look to what I am eating.  Do I get enough Omega 3 in my diet?  Am I eating seeds, nuts, fresh fruit and vegtables?  Do I drink enough water?  Is my diet balanced?
  • Do I get enough exercise?  Do I go out to the fresh air enough on a daily basis.  Am I living in an area where the air pollution is high.  Am I taking too much sun
  • Could any medication I'm on be contributing to the dry skin.  Maybe consult your doctor on this one

In short, relax, get plenty of fresh air and exercise, drink lots of water, avoid too much sun, eat well and balanced, avoid toxins and fast food and processed food.  Apply a daily moisturiser in the form of body butter.  Check out our body butter with lashings of good protective, moisturising oils

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