A Bit About Linden Tea

Linden tea  comes from the Tilia Cordata or small-leafed lime tree which you'll find here in Ireland and in Europe.  More specifically, it comes from flowers or blossoms that come out on that tree in August/September. 

We planted one of these trees some 24 years ago, across the road from our house and there it is, ever since, getting bigger each year.  But it wasn't until recently that a friend told me of the tea that you can make from it.  Sure enough, she brought me to see the tree in August (not sure whether it was early or late in August) and there under the leaves were the blossoms growing.  She said that it made a lovely tasting tea and that it was also good for you.  So I simply had to try it out!!

linden tree blossoms


How To Make A Linden Blossom Tea

  • Gather the blossoms in August/September
  • Put on a cardboard sheet
  • Leave to dry in a cool dry place for two weeks
  • Put the dry blossoms in a jar and store in the cupboard
  • Use two teaspoons in a teapot for 2
  • Drink and enjoy!

If you don't know how to identify a Tilia Cordata, look it up in some native European trees book or simply google it.  Or else you can probably buy linden tea in the supermarket or health shops.  Failing all that and if you live close by, you can find the tree very close to the entrance going into Charleville Estate, Tullamore.  Email me for specific details

The Benefits of Linden Tea

  • Known to relieve high blood pressure
  • Has a calming effect 
  • Aids digestion
  • Anti-oxidant so helps reduce inflammation
  • Contains quercetin which can reduce pain
  • May act as a diuretic and according to folk medicine promotes sweating
  • Has been known to have a sedative effect so good for helping with sleep

Contraindications to Linden Tea

Of course, need I say, please look into this more closely to find out its contraindications.  People with heart problems, pregnant women, children, all should read up on its safety.  But I would be saying to most of you, take it in moderation like all powerful herbs.

Nourishing Neck Care with Linden Tea

Here is a rather interesting and bizarre recipe for a neck mask

2 cups of linden tea

1 egg yolk

1 medium sized cooked potatoe

1 teasp. lemon juice

1 tblsp. sweet almond oil

5 drops Vit E

gauze strips


  • Prepare the tea first and leave aside to cool
  • Add yolk of egg and mashed potatoe, mixing well with stick blender
  • Now add the rest of the ingredients and blend again
  • Put the mixture in the fridge to cool
  • Get your gauze strips that will have to wrap around your neck and spread mixture on them and then apply to the neck, covering it al right up to the chin
  • Relax for 15 or 20 minutes lying down
  • Remove strips and with warm cloth clean off the residue
  • Follow up with a nourishing moisturising face cream




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