5 Tips For Wrinkles On The Forehead

You mightn't like what I have to say about wrinkles on the forehead.  Wrinkles on the forehead can be called "care lines" and are caused because you think a lot and care a lot - not a bad thing in itself!  Or wrinkles on the forehead can be called "worry lines" and the cause is ....   yes, you worry too much. 

So Don't Worry, Be Happy!  Seriously, who am I to tell you to worry less or to care less because firstly I can't influence how you feel and secondly it's like telling a lover not to be jealous.  I'd be barking up the wrong tree, wouldn't I?

massage the face and forehead daily


But anyway, let's get back to wrinkles on the forehead.  The 5 tips are:-

  • 1. On a daily basis, possibly first thing in the morning, put some nice oils on your forehead, and then with your thumb on your temples and the four fingers coming together on your forehead from the bridge of the nose to the hairline move them out towards the temple letting go of your thumb at the end to let the fingers fall off the side of the face.  This can be done easily, standing in front of a mirror or not.  Do this about 10 times
  • 2. With some oily fingers and using both hands starting from the centre of the forehead, do circular movement working outward.  Make sure you've covered your entire forehead
  • 3. Ly down for this one, please!  Rub your hands together vigorously for about 10 seconds.  When they are nice and warm and full of tingling sensation lay them on your eyes and forehead, with the palms of the hands just under the nose and the tips of the fingers meeting at your hair.
  • 4. Every evening, use a good quality face cream and give your forehead and your face a good massage and rub or get someone to give you a weekly face massage.  After 3 or 4 weeks of doing this, you might see a considerable improvement in that the wrinkles might have reduced somewhat.
  • 5. Dare I say it?  Try not to worry too much and get plenty of rest and "me" time and pamper yourself a little.  Do breathing exercises when stress is getting the better of you.  Strive towards a positive attitude - easier said than done!!  Smiling and laughing are very good for you so do this from time to time.  If anyone tells you that they cause wrinkles tell them to go away!

Pack all your troubles in an old kit bag and smile smile smile!!

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