3 Simple Treatments For Puffy Eyes

Do you suffer from puffy eyes?  Don't know what to do about it?  Have tried all kinds of treatments and nothing works?  Do you look tired all the time?  Dark circles under the eyes?  


massage to the temples

Besides giving your temples a good periodic massage there are a few treatments that won't cost the earth and, if applied regularly, will show results in a few short weeks.

We have to be careful when dealing with the eyes so be gentle in all you do with these treatments.  The skin under the eye is very thin and delicate so bear that in mind 

  • Teabags are a perfect size and can fit nicely on both eyes as you lie down and relax.  I suggest both hot and cold compresses using teabags.  Of course, you must be careful with temperature when using the hot compress.  It should be lukewarm rather than hot.  We don't want to go burning our eyelids, do we? The reason why I suggest both is that they have different results

It can have the ability to reduce puffiness, swelling, and dark circles.  Might even work for blood-shot eyes caused by some dust or dirt.  Leave on for at least 10 minutes.  Put on some nice music and lie down and relax while doing it!


It can help unblock oil glands which, when blocked, can cause a stye.  Again 10 minutes will do the trick.  Remember not to have it too hot!!  It might also help with dry eye, which, again, is caused by a block oil gland.  It can release the blockage and help make tears come again

  • Cucumber is the classic remedy for the eyes and with reason.  Cucumber supplies valuable vitamin c and folic acid to that area helping reduce inflammation, increasing new cell growth and stimulating anti-oxidant activity in the area. It also has a hydrating effect on the skin.  
  • Compresses with herbal concoctions can bring relief to many an eye problem.   Using clean lint soaked in the following infusions can really help:-  chamomile, fennel, eyebright, and elderflower.  You can probably buy these at your local health shop either as loose herbs or in tea bag form.  Make a tea with one or all of them and soak your lint in this and apply it to the eyes while lying down. Remember to keep it at lukewarm temperature

Do all these three treatments, once a day, alternating.  For example, one evening it could be the teabag treatment, next evening, it could be the cucumber one and the third evening the infusions

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