Sun Protection Factor

Sun Protection Factor or SPF for short is a complicated business.  I was reading up on it in this book I have called Natural Beauty Alchemy and I was fascinated to read that zinc oxide powder can offer this protection.  The following ingredients will offer you SPF30 which means that it would take 30 times more UV radiation to burn your skin when it's covered with this cream.  

You must make sure that the powder is well mixed in and that a generous amount of basic cream is used on the skin in order to achieve this high SPF.  Without further ado, here is their recipe.  You can, if you like, use our face cream or our body butter, (the body butter also has our very own healing calendula oil) and both of these will be ideal bases for the recipe below.  And they are very moisturising too.

body butter and zinc oxide powder mixed together can offer SPF

Ingredients for Mineral Sunblock

21g of zinc oxide powder

80 g of basic cream


  • Be careful not to inhale the zinc oxide powder as you sift it into a small mixing bowl
  • Add about a tablespoon of the cream you are going to use and mix well with a spoon or a pestle, taking all lumps out and ensuring it is smooth
  • Add the rest of the cream little by little stirring as you do so and ridding it of lumps
  • If, by now, you have a nice smooth lump-free cream you can place in a glass jar
  • Apply generously on your face and neck daily and, if going out sunbathing, all over your body

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