Skincare Gift Sets for Men

As I always say and quite rightly  "Men too have skln".  And they have hair too.  Skin and hair needs to be looked after so that's where skincare for men comes in.  Beard balms for those with beards come in very handy.  And what about those men that shave.  Yes, we have a shaving soap and some of  our gift sets include a shaving brush and razor, the old fashioned way

shaving gift set
These come in three different types, denoted by their scent:-
Cedarwood & bergamot with a eucalyptus and rosemary body soap and lip balm, tea tree & lemon shaving soap with lemongrass soap and lip balm or last but not least, rosemary and nettle shaving soap with spicy cinnamon & clove body soap and of course a lip balm to.
tea tree and lemon themed shaving gift set
rosemary themed shaving gift set
Have a beard?  No problem.  That beard needs taming, needs TLC and needs a nice fragrance to add to it.  Our beard balm is ideal for this coming in three fragrances:- ylang ylang - to bring out the feminine in the man!, lemony to have that beard smell nice and fresh and sweet minty, a blend of cool peppermint, sweet orange and vanilla - doesn't that sound interesting?
These beard balms also come in gift sets, namely "Valiant"  with a beard balm and a shampoo.  
gift set of shampoo bar and beard balm
I believe practically all men love our shampoo bars.  I see a new catch phrase in the making - "All men love our shampoo bars, practically"  or "Practically all men love our shampoo bars".  But I digress.  They, men, have such uncomplicated hair, very natural and, for the most part, unbleached or untinted or undyed and therefore the shampoo bars react well in their hair.
And then there are all the other products that men might need such as hand cream, lip balms, cream deodorants and body butter.  After all, men have hands, they have lips, they have underarms and they have elbows and feet just like us women.  So why wouldn't they need skin care for all those body parts?

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