Nothing Like a Good Old-Fashioned Shave!!

My dad used to always sat that there is nothing like a good old-fashioned shave and as we were only children we believed him. 

There was no-one else in the house to dispute this.  But he also had a secret electric shaver which he took out on those days where time wasn't on his side.  

I'm not quite sure what he used along with the razor but he would smother the part around his mouth and jaw with this foamy white substance (I suspect it was totally laden with chemicals).  We thought it was very funny, this foam all on the lower half of his face.   And then with his razor he would scrape it all away and rinse the razor constantly in the sink.  It was like magic for us.  Suddenly you had this face free from stubble where stubble was a few minutes previous.  And all that white stuff was gone down the drain.  After that he would put on some Old Spice - Oh how I remember that scent.  He was usually either going to work or out on a night-out when he would shave like this.  So when he was all spruced up, he would put on his Sunday-best clothes and we thought he was King.

Shaving gift set

Which Is Best - Shaving Razor Or Electric Shaver

  • Shaving with a razor gives a closer shave than shaving with an electric shaver.  If you're looking for that close smooth shave then razor is the way to go.
  • With an electric shaver you become dependent on having a supply of electricity while with a razor you just simply carry it around along with the soap and you're ready in any situation
  • It's definitely easier to cut yourself with a razor than an electric one
  • You need a product such as shaving soap or foam if you want that seemless shave with a razor while with an electric you don't need anything other than the gadget itself.
  • If you're using disposable razors they are not environmentally friendly although you can get lots of uses out of them.  If you're using a reusable razor with blades you only have to throw away the blade from time to time.  It's important to dispose of them properly and safely.  An electric shaver is more environmentally friendly in this regard

Shaving With Shaving Soap Or Foam

  • Nowadays, of course, we don't have to use those foams from the 70's.  They had cfcs in them, now forbidden.  There are however still foams that can be used.  These tend to dry out your skin and have lots of chemicals in them.  We can use a natural shaving soap instead.  A natural shaving soap won't dry out your skin and it ensures that you get that close shave that you're looking for with this method.
  • And it's better for the environment with less packaging and/or recyclable packaging.  
  • Natural shaving soap will not contain any chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction.  If you are a very sensitive type, then consider unscented natural shaving soap.  Sometimes the essential oils can cause adverse reactions as they contain some allergens naturally present in them

Why Use Balm After Shaving

Why would you use a balm after shaving? 

  • Well you might be experiencing a bit of irritation after the shave and a balm will soothe the skin
  • The skin might feel a little dry and the balm will moisturise it
  • If the balm you use has fragrance in it then that'll leave you smelling divine

after shave balm

Included among our range of skincare is skincare for men where you'll find shaving soap, beard balm (that can be used as after shave), gift sets for him and much more

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