A Close Shave

Is it a close shave you're after?  Because if it is, there's nothing quite like the old- fashioned method with shaving soap and the tried and trusted safety razors.  You simply lather on the natural shaving soap either with your hands or a shaving brush and then using the razor shave away all unwanted hair

Safety Razor

safety razor blade

This traditional butterfly razor with an easy grip handle in a stylish chrome finish. The razor is angled to give the closest, most comfortable shave for soft, smooth skin and more safety when shaving. No longer do you have to worry about an uneven shave or cuts. Not only is it compatible with any type of double edge blade, but it also uses a special “twist to open” mechanism that makes it easier and safer to change out the razor blade.

Shaving Brush

vegan shaving brush

This wooden handled vegan shaving brush will allow you enjoy all the luxury of a good old-fashioned shave with modern materials that are cruelty free.

The wooden handle gives a satisfying weight and solidity when applying your shaving cream.

This shaving brush is highly durable and long-lasting.

Our Shaving Gift Set For Men


Our Shaving Gift Set For Men has the safety razor and the shaving brush, as above, long with a pack of razor blades, our very own handmade shaving soap, a natural handmade soap and a lip balm.  It comes in a minimal but attractive cardboard box in keeping with our commitment to zero waste.  If you would like more information on our products go to Shaving Soap, handmade natural soap, shaving gift set and beeswax lip balms

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