Unscented Natural Soap

A natural soap carries no artificial ingredients and is kind to your skin.  But a natural soap without any scent or fragrance is even kinder.  Our skin needs to be kept clean from environmental  dirt and toxins and a natural unscented bar of soap is the best and safest way to ensure this.

I have curing away, at present, a batch of unscented soap. I decided to make this soap without a scent as a result of a good few people asking me if I make unscented soap.  My initial reaction to these requests was somehow negative.  I was thinking that no one in their right mind would want a bar of soap without a fragrance attached to it.  "What was the point of a soap if it didn't give off a lovely aroma", I thought. Then, when the umpteenth person came to me looking for the unscented soap, I decided to think more proactively about it. 

There are, in fact, people out there who want and need a soap without a fragrance, a fragrance that is natural or otherwise.  I would never put an artificial fragrance into my soaps.  No sireee!!!  Only natural fragances are going into any of my skincare. But some people with sensitive skin react badly to the essential oils that are in soap.  Just because essential oils are natural and derived from plants, doesn't mean that they are completely safe.  They do carry substances that some sensitive people react to.  For example - Limonene or linalool are chemicals found in lemons.  Some people have a bad reaction to these two chemicals and especially if they are present in high doses.  Essential oils are a very concentrated form of the plant they represent.  I always make sure that no more than 1% of essential oil is in the soap and that is ok for most people but for sensitive type people it isn't or it mightn't.  

So after thinking long and hard I decided that everyone deserves to wash themselves  with a nice natural soap, including the sensitive types and I have now made a batch of unscented soap.  

It will take 5/6 weeks to be ready but as soon as I have it I'll let you know.  The only thing remaining for me to do now is to come up with an appropriate label and packaging.  I will keep all this too a minimum so as to call it  "an environmentally friendly" product in every sense of the word!  Perhaps some plain brown paper will suffice.  Oh, I won't bore you with my concerns.  I will quietly work on the packaging

For the present, though, all I can offer is natural handmade soap with  wonderful scents such as lavender, ylang ylang, pathcouli, palm rosa or lemongrass (to name a few)

natural handmade soap

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