Great Offer On Our Natural Palm Free Soap

natural irish handmade soap

For a limited time, we will be offering a discount on our palm-free natural handmade soaps - buy 6 and pay for 5.  You will have to contact us, though, with your choice.

There's nothing quite like washing your hands with good quality handmade natural Irish soap and then rinsing off with nice fresh or lukewarm water.  Taking a bar of soap in your hands is such a sensual thing and is so much more pleasure than pressing down on a pump system of a plastic bottle of what is supposed to be liquid soap.  Liquid soap, if it is good quality, is not such a bad thing especially if it comes in a glass jar.  It's just that nowadays, liquid soap comes in plastic bottles and is usually some inferior quality soap, if it is, in fact, soap at all.  

Lovely Lather That Comes From Natural Handmade Soap

If I'm allowed to brag here:  our palm-free handmade natural soap has a lovely lather, (sudsy), that when being used, makes the user feel like the soap is giving moisture back to the skin instead of robbing it of it.  This is due to the great oils that are used in it; olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and sweet almond oil.  It's gentle enough to use on the face and cleans the dirt and grime off and with a good rinse, all that dirt goes down the sink, never to be seen again!  And, according to our customers, it stays hard and intact right to the end.  All the fragrances used are derived from essential oils so that too is an added bonus.  No nasty parabens nor chemicals in our soaps!!

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