Bountiful Body Butter

Our body butter is, indeed, bountiful with all these wonderful ingredients that come together to nourish, moisturise and protect your skin as well as have it all aglow.  And it's completely natural with no added preservatives nor parabens.  You can be confident that it will do what it is supposed do

What is Body Butter? 

What is body butter and what is it supposed to do?  These are two fundamental questions that need answering.

Body butter is a balm made up of mainly butters but with oils too.  It very often, as in the case of our body butter, have beeswax in it too.  Fragrances can be added for extra effect but are not necessary.  Some fragrances are beneficial for the skin like lavender, cedarwood or ylang ylang (to name but a few).

It is formulated in the hope of keeping your skin on all parts of the body moisturised and particularly those parts (like elbows, knees and feet) and  it should offer protection too.  Most importantly it should nourish the skin that badly needs it.

How and When to Apply Body Butter

Body butter can be applied all over the body - the arms, the legs, the chest, the tummy, the buttocks, the feet, the hands.  There may be some particular area where it is most needed and other parts where it isn't needed at all.  With your finger tips dipped into the butter, apply to the area and rub in well for a few minutes.  (this is a chance to massage that area and bring the blood up to the top).  

Body Butter For The Feet

As I have said before, body butter can be applied everywhere but if one suffers from extremely dry feet, then body butter is very useful.  Simply with the tips of your fingers dipped into the body butter rub gently into the feet and spend at least 2 minutes doing so.  Then put on some socks, put the feet up and read a book or watch telly or do something relaxing.  You can even leave this on overnight with huge results

The Ingredients in Our Body Butter

I said in the title that our body butter is bountiful and here's what's in there

  1. Cocoa Butter
  2. Coconut Oil
  3. Shea Butter
  4. Sweet Almond Oil infused with Calendula
  5. Apricot Kernel Oil
  6. Beeswax
  7. Essential Oils

That's a lot of ingredients in the one tin.  Now I won't exactly give you my secret recipe (I'd have to shoot you if I did!!!)  but those ingredients are present in decent amounts.  The essential oils I've had to keep to a minimum and that's for your protection.  We have one without essential oils too for those who have very sensitive skin

Benefits of Body Butter

What are the benefits of body butter, especially one that carries such wonderful ingredients?  Well here's a list below

As all those oils serve to make the body butter very moisturising, it is an excellent remedy for all skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and rosacea. 

Our tea tree body butter might be good for fungal infections, such as, ringworm, athlete's foot.

With a lot of beeswax in our body butter, it offer protection against cold and severe weather.  The beeswax also can lock in the moisturise and keeps the skin hydrated that way

Our lavender body butter is particularly soothing and calming as are all of them. 

The calendula in all of our body butter is very healing and can ease inflammation and/or itchiness


I invite you to check out our body butter page and see all the types we have


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