No Nonsense Shampoo Bar

Our shampoo bars are plain, simple, honest goodness and with no nonsense attached.  But they are also packed with great oils that benefit the hair and scalp hugely

Ingredients in Our Shampoo Bars

natural no nonsense shampoo bars

You don't have to be a genius to realise that the better the ingredients the better the product, right? That's why we've packed our shampoo bars with lots of highly beneficial oils for both the hair strands and the scalp.  Some of those ingredients are:-

  • Kukui nut:  The Hawaiians don't can't all be wrong when they use this oil vastly as a moisturiser on the skin so if you're suffering from dry scalp or dandruff, this oil will really help
  • Sweet almond oil.  What's not to like about sweet almond oil.  An enriching, moisturising, softening, hydrating, repairing and nutritious oil
  • Castor oil.  If people ask me what is the difference between soap and shampoo I always say that, in my case, it's the castor oil.  It's a thick oil that makes a beautiful creamy lather and it really cleans your hair and leaves it well lubricated.
  • Olive oil.  It strengthens and regenerates the hair as well as keep it soft and shiny.  
  • Coconut oil.  This oil is reputed to be the best oil for reducing protein loss and keeping your hair looking healthy

A Combination of Great Oils Is Best For The Hair

I believe that a combination of oils is best when making a shampoo bar.  They all bring with them their beneficial qualities for your hair and scalp.  The same applies when making up a body oil or a body butter.  Combining lots of skin loving, hair loving, scalp loving oils will provide your hair with everything it needs. 

Harmful Chemicals In Shampoo

There's no need for any of these  harmful ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate or parabens.  They only cause irritation in sensitive people and are not necessary if using a plain, simple, honest, no-nonsense shampoo bar.  And you have the added bonus of not using plastic

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