Natural Shampoo Bar with Tea Tree For Head Lice

I've been using shampoo bars for years and so have my two sons and partner and we've never had a problem with head lice.  Maybe once or twice or even a few times when the boys were young, and before I started making shampoo bars, we had to tackle the problem.  It is more usual for children in school to come home with lice passed on from another child in the same school.

Tea Tree For Lice

Even back then before my natural shampoo bar days, I would use tea tree to treat the head lice.  I would dilute tea tree essential oil in a carrier oil at fairly high strength, possibly 2%.  This oil I would then put on the boys' hair and scalp making sure ever inch of the scalp and every strand of their hair was soaked in it.  Then it was off to bed  with them and in the morning they would have a shower and remove the oil from hair in ready for school.  This I did for 3 nights but the last night I would wash their hair immediately and rinse and then lather up with conditioner which, with the aid of a fine comb, would help take out the lice, the eggs leaving nothing behind.  It was so simple.  I never felt overwhelmed by the problem.  I imagine that lavender would work too as would rosemary or cedarwood.  I would keep the ratio at 2:100 and leave the oil in overnight with a cap or towel or something that will protect your pillow

Natural Shampoo Bar Might Act as a Barrier

I feel protected recently because I use shampoo bar to wash my hair.  I always leave the shampoo in my hair for at least 2 minutes and I always think that in that two minutes any live in my hair would be having a very difficult time surviving.  First of all they can't breathe as the suds that come from my shampoo bars is very thick and creamy and forms a breathing barrier.  Secondly, I feel that the hair strands are so well washed and squeaky clean that the lice just can't stay on. They just slide right off with the rinsing water and are either dead anyway or, at least, half dead

Nowadays, I work in a lot of schools with young children, and I don't have any problem with lice even though there have been outbreaks in the schools I have been working in.  And neither am I paranoid about it.  If I get lice, I can tackle the problem.  This time I will use my own shampoo bar and I will put some extra tea tree into it  and I will fine comb out any offender.  It's really that simple.  If you want more information go to our natural shampoo page

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