Hot Oil Treatment For Frizzy Hair

People always ask me for advice on their frizzy hair and I always respond with trying out hot oil treatment.  You can use any oils but I recommend oils such as sweet almond, sesame, olive and apricot kernel oils.  These oils can be used together or seperate


Sesame Oil Benefits for the Hair

Rubbing sesame oil into the scalp improves circulation, promotes hair growth and deters balding.  It is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and it is an emollient and therefore will soften and make smooth the hair strands.  Say goodbye to frizzy hair!

Benefits of Apricot Kernel and Sweet Almond for the Hair

Sweet almond provides elasticity to the hair and improves the shine and look afterwards.  As does the sweet almond, apricot kernel also improves the shine and look of the hair.  They both strengthen and repair the hair.  They are both an emollient too, like sesame oil so will combat frizzy hair

Olive Oil For Hair

There are countless claims that olive oil is super for the hair, especially thick dry frizzy hair.  I have a friend who used to put olive oil into her daughter's hair a couple of times a month.  Her daughter had problematic dry thick hair that was very hard to manage.  The olive oil used to calm down the hair, give it a shine and keep it in excellent condition.  She would especially use the olive oil the night before washing the hair in order to help brush it out and tame it after.  This she did to great effect.  She claims that without the olive oil it would have been a nightmare to get all the knots out of the hair after washing.

I believe she was correct in her conclusions about olive oil.

Hot To Apply Hot Oils To The Hair
  • Simply combine the oils together if using a few and then gently heat in a small saucepan making sure it's not too hot.
  • You can add essential oils here if you like for extra added benefits. 
  • With finger tips apply to the hair including the scalp.  Make sure it's all covered.
  •  Leave for 20 minutes.  If you feel up to it, you could leave this oil overnight in the hair.  You would need a plastic hair cap to ensure that the pillow doesn't get covered in oil

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