Why Give a Gift Set of Natural Skincare This Christmas?

Why?  Indeed!  Why give a gift set of natural skincare this Christmas?  There are many reasons why you should give a gift set of natural skincare.  One reason is because it caters for the modern man or woman who care about the environment and what they put on their bodies.  Another reason is that it is better value than most skincare products you might buy in a super market or pharmacy.  Another good reason is that the person, who makes this gift set of natural skincare, usually espouses to the values of caring for people, their environment, the animals they come in contact with or not and the world in general.  Usually natural skincare companies use only recyclable materials and stay clear of all plastic

Gift sets comprising of natural skincare

These gift sets are largely made of handmade natural skincare that is made in small batches, the quality of which is not spoiled or forgotten.  The person making these natural skincare products are trying to make a decent living.  Their aims and goals are not ones of profit at any cost.  Satisfaction on behalf of the buyer is what drives them most.  In my own case, we use natural cardboard boxes, trays and/or hampers which only adds to the natural  and environmentally friendly feel of our brand.

natural carboard tray for gift set of natural skincare

natural shaving gift set

I love putting together gift sets of natural skincare for him or for her

Putting together the different variations in gift sets is very entertaining for me.  I have a large array of skincare and can come up with many different types of gift sets of natural skincare, be it for men or women, be it large and extravagant, or smaller and more affordable.  You'll never pay more than €100 (so not too extravagant!) for any of our gift sets and as little as €14.  Please feel free to peruse our gift sets of natural skincare and see for yourself!

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