What Foods To Avoid If You Have Oily Skin

If you have oily or greasy skin there are definitely some foods that you should avoid. But most of these foods should be avoided at all time anyway. Even though some of these foods are a no no for oily skin in particular, they do no favours to your skin or complexion.

What Causes Oily Skin

There are many causes of oily skin and one of them is diet.  Other causes can include hormones, hereditary, stress, climate and your environment.  

Hormones can bring about an imbalance in the level of sebum being produced by your body.  That's why very often teenagers suffer from acne or acute oily skin.  They might eventually grow out of this condition.  But it has been known to stretch into adulthood  

Hereditary.  It can simply be that your mother or father also were prone to having oily skin and breakouts and you've inherited this trait

Stress causes all kinds of imbalances and not least in the skin.  Being unhappy also leads to a change in the secretion of sebum. When you feel stressed the hormone, cortisol, gets released and this in turn creates a situation where more sebum gets produced

Climate and Your Environment

Our bodies tend to quieten down in the winter time with regard to producing oil and in summer, when it's hot and humid, more oil is produced.  Environmental factors can also affect the oiliness in your skin.  Pollution tends to put the skin into hight alert and it responds by producing more oil.

Diet and Your Skin

I can't emphasise enough the value of a good diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegtables.  Having a balanced diet, i.e enough proteins, carbohydrates, all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements included in your food contribute hugely to your skin's health.  Plenty of water and exercise to accompany the good diet are also essential

What Foods Negatively Affect Your Skin

  • Obviously, fried foods are a no no and should be rarely eaten. Okay, chips and sausies now and again are alright as long as you keep an eye on your fresh fruit and veggies intake

fatty foods to be avoided for your skin

  • The same applies to processed food.  Best avoid it.  Now and again, it's ok
  • Eating too much red meat might not be so great! Fish in turn, especially oily fish is great for your skin (that sounds like a contradiction).  They are full of omega 3.  That's a good oil for your skin.
  • Avoid salty foods as well as sugary, sweet foods
  • You might be allergic to dairy or gluten.  If so avoid foods that contain these

It's not rocket science, how to take care of your skin.  It's common sense.  Just like the health of all your body, not just your skin, is in your control and can be aided by good practice such as exercise, fresh air, good diets, plenty of water, avoiding certain foods and trying to stay calm and happy.

facial oil cleanser lemony

It sounds really weird to say that cleansing your skin once a week with facial oil cleanser can actually help with oily skin, especially if that facial oil cleanser has jojoba in it.  Jojoba oil is very good for oily skin types.  It interferes with the over zealous sebum production going on in your skin and tricks the sebum into believing it has produced enough,  Cleaning your skin with oil might even be far better than cleaning it with soapy water.  Weird, Eh?



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