The Benefits of Bentonite Clay in Natural Deodorant

Natural deodorants are the way to go in order to avoid harsh chemicals being "plonked" onto our underarms.  And with bentonite clay in our natural deodorants, there's an added benefit.  Bentonite clay is known for it's ability to take out toxins from our body and detoxifying our skin.  But it does also have another benefit!!

natural deodorant with bentonite clay

Bentonite Clay  Absorption on the Underarm

Bentonite clay is incredibly absorbing so it soaks up the moisture, due to perspiration, on the underarm .  In our natural deodorants we include arrowroot too and between the arrowroot and the bentonite clay, you will experience a dry underarm.  That with the butters used such as cocoa and shea those underarms will be kept dry but moisturised and the flora found in you underarm will feel honoured and safe.  

It might sound like a contradiction - an underarm that is dry but moisturised.  We mean by "dry" that it is free from perspiration and we mean by "moisturised" that the skin isn't flaking and in need of some natural oils.

Also to be found in our natural deodorants is beeswax which offers a protective barrier and keeps the flora of our armpit happy and healthy.  We have 6 varieties to chose from so why not take a look at our natural deodorants section and see for yourself which fragrance might suit you best or might appeal more to you


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