5 benefits of Golden Jojoba Oil in Natural Skincare

When it comes to Skincare, there are many benefits to be had regarding Golden Jojoba Oil.  

  1. It won't clog up the pores
  2. It is extremely hydrating and moisturising
  3. It can help with acne
  4. It is anti-oxidant
  5. It is a very healing oil
  6. golden jojoba oil

Golden Jojoba Doesn't Clog Pores

It is a very light absorbable oil and won't clog up the pores.  This is good news for anyone suffering with acne and leads to lesser break outs.

Golden Jojoba Is Hydrating and Moisturising

As it is very easily absorbed by the skin, it goes right in and helps retain moisture in the skin making it very hydrating and moisturising.  It attracts water to your skin which means it is hydrating

Golden Jojoba Can Help With Acne

Acne sufferers have an over zealous sebum production going on.  As golden jojoba  mimics sebum it tricks the body into believing that it has produced enough sebum and tells it to stop producing any more.  Less sebum means less pores clogged up and getting an infection.  And it's also good for oily skin types that might not suffer from acne but that sebum doesn't know when to stop!

Golden Jojoba Is Anti-Oxidant

Due to its high content of vitamin E, a valuable anti-oxidant, it fights off oxidation leaving your skin feeling supple , young and healthy and keeps free radicals away

Golden Jojoba is Healing

Golden jojoba has a high content of vitamin E which helps with the healing of wounds and sores on the skin.  It is anti bacterial as well so keeping infections away from wounds.  It can help minimise the threat of scars with deep wounds.

How To Apply Golden Jojoba

Probably before applying golden jojoba to your skin, try a patch on your wrist on the inside, which is the sensitive part.  Leave it there for a few minutes to make sure there is no allergic reaction.

It can be used as a facial oil cleanser along with other oils such as castor oil and sunflower oil. We have a facial oil cleanser with these three ingredients and they are organic.  Check them out

Well it is very simple.  It can be as part of a cream along with wonderful oils such as sweet almond oil or avocado oil, mixed together and then applied to the skin with finger tips.  It can be applied on its own with the aid of your finger tips.  Or you can.

If you suffer from acne or oily skin check out our nourishing night face cream especially the ones for oily skin

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