3 Benefits Of Using Facial Oil Cleanser

There's nothing quite like an oil to clean your skin.  It works much better that using water and soap.  The skin on your face is quite thin as opposed to other parts of the body, like your hands, for example.  Water and soap can dry out your face unless you use a good handmade natural soap.  Oil, in contrast, cleanses out the pores and takes all dirt, that sticks to it, away and leaves your skin feeling supple and clean.  You may have to use a warm cloth afterward just to remove that layer of oil still on the skin

Oil To Cleanse Your Face

  1. While removing dirt, facial oil cleansers will also keep your skin moisturised.  After all, you are adding valuable oils to the skin.  Good oils for this would be golden jojoba oil which is great for moisturising as is sunflower oil.  These two oils are also rich in vitamins and even having them on your skin for a minute or two will benefit the skin. Golden Jojoba Oil will also be good for oily skin types as it's very similar to sebum which our bodies produce naturally and in oily skins it produces too much.  So the jojoba oil mimics the sebum and tells the body to stop producing.  
  2. Oil, as opposed to soap and water, tends to not have many reactions, especially for those with sensitive skin.  Harsh soaps tend to dry out the skin while oil will hydrate the skin as well as cleansing.  Oils will remove excess sebum replacing it with a good oil that your skin can absorb easily.  
  3. Especially if you use a good castor oil, oils will take every bit of dirt in its path - even waterproof make-up.  First it softens all the dirt and make-up then, with the aid of a cotton pad, will remove all.  It gets right into the pores and because it is sticky, all dirt and make-up stick to it and get carried off, leaving your pores completely dirt free

Your Organic Facial Oil Cleanser

At Heartworks-Skincare, we make a facial oil cleanser that is organic with 3 specific oils: golden jojoba oil, sunflower oil and castor oil.  We add different essential oils which also carry benefits and provide you with a nice smell for the senses.

Golden jojoba oil is wonderful for both dry and oily skin types.  Sunflower won't clog up your pores and is easily absorbed.  Castor oil, a thick lubricant-type oil will both take all dirt away but also will tighten up the pores and act as anti-bacterial.

Try our facial oil cleanser today

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