Your Very Own Oil Perfume

Did you know that it is super easy to make your very own oil perfume.  All you need are the ingredients and a bottle, preferably a roll-on container.

Ingredients for Oil Perfume

100 ml Jojoba Oil

2 ml of your own blend of essential oils


Pour the jojoba oil into the container that you are using, add the essential oils, shake well and leave on a warm window sill for a couple of days.  

What Scent to Use in Your Oil Perfume

An inexpensive perfume could be made up of (all essential oils) 3 parts lavender, 3 parts ylang ylang, 2 parts patchouli and 2 parts palma rosa

A more exotic and expensive perfume could be made of equal measures of  rose essential oil and geranium

A citrussy perfume could be made up of essential oils of 3 parts sweet orange, 3 parts bergamot and 3 parts lemon

A man's perfume could be essential oils of 3 parts vetiver, 3 parts cedarwood and 3 parts sandalwood or yet another could be 3 parts patchouli, 3 parts neroli, 1 part black pepper

Experiment with fragrances in your Perfume

oil perfume

Here's an ideal opportunity to experiment with your own fragrances.  Some people simply don't like lavender.  If so, leave it out.  Other's can't stand the smell of rose or anything half resembling it.  Again, leave it out.  If patchouli or sandalwood really appeal to you put them in but don't overwhelm the perfume with them.  They tend to be cloying fragrances and dominate the overall perfume.  A winter perfume might have black pepper and ginger in it with a hind of clove, a summer one might be citrussy (as above)

So, initially you will have to decide which fragrances appeal to you, then you'll have to spend a good bit money buying them.  Once bought you will have perfume for many years to come so it is good value in the end.  Any chemist or health shop should have a fair supply of essential oils.  

Jojoba oil is suggested here as the carrier oil but it could also be sweet almond, apricot kernel or avocado oil or, indeed, a combination of all 4.

Just rub in on your wrist or temple or under the ear.  You'll smell divine!!


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