I Love Lavender and Lavender Loves Me

I really do love lavender and especially lavender essential oil.  I love the smell of it, I love how it puts me in good humour and I love its healing and cleansing benefits. 


Lavender In A Lot Of Our Skincare Products

I have lavender in a lot of my skincare products.  For example, I have two soaps with it; lavender and frankicense natural soap and lavender and aloe vera natural soap.  I also have it in one of my handcreams and body butters.  You'll pretty much find it either in part or fully in all of my products.  For my own personal use, I add extra lavender essential oil into any of my face creams for extra benefits to my skin.  It's been known to help reduce wrinkles.  It's important to dilute it to about 1% to 2% of total oil.  Now, I am not saying that my face is like an oil painting but I have seen worse faces for wrinkles than my own!!!

Healing and Cleaning Power of Lavender

 It is very healing for the skin and it also keeps your skin clean and bacteria free.  In fact I recommend that each household have a lavender essential oil to hand for cleaning the bathroom and kitchen.  Use it in a spray over the toilet bowl

I consider lavender as my essential friend that accompanies me everywhere and makes me feel good about myself.  I know that is weird but that it precisely how I feel about lavender.  Its smell transports me into a safe place, a happy place and it eases any stresses.

Lavender as a Pain Killer

On both occasions of my giving birth to my two sons, I used lavender in a warm bath to ease the pain of labour.  It really did work and bear in mind that  both births were natural and without epidural or gas.  

As I say in the heading - I love Lavender and Lavender Loves Me!!!  So why don't you enter into a love relationship with lavender today or sooner rather than later.  Let it do its magic whether it pain relief you're after or disinfecting or rubbing on your tired old wrinkled skin.  In each case it will come to you aid!


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