Essential Oils for Helping You Sleep

Essential Oils for Helping You Sleep

We all need a good night's sleep and sometimes that's not easy. The good news is there is help out there in many forms including essential oils.  Here, at Heartworks Skincare we believe in the power of essential oils and how they can help all kinds of skin problems.  But how about essential oils for insomnia or sleeplessness?

5 Essential Oils that Will Really Help Insomnia

There are lots of essential oils out there to help with insomnia and each depending on the reason for this sleeplessness.  Here are 5 top essential oils for helping with insomnia

  • Lavender Essential Oil.  Probably my top of the list one.  It helps with anxiety and balances and relieves it
  • Camomile Essential Oil.  Like Lavender it can have a profound effect on our minds and emotions and calm and soothe us
  • Neroli Essential Oil.  As in the case of the two above, this can help with anxiety and is calming and soothing to the mind and body.

A combination of all three above is even better or alternating them.  One night place a few drops of one or the other on your pillow, next night the second one and third night the third one and so on and so forth.

My next two are:-

  • Benzoin Essential Oil.  This is great if you are worried about something and this is preventing you from having a good night's sleep
  • Bergamot Essential Oil.  Very beneficial if the sufferer is depressed.  It has an ability to lift depression

As I said before, there are many essential oils that will help you sleep well.  I cannot omit to mention Clary Sage Essential oil - excellent for helping you relax.  But warning - don't drink alcohol with this one!

Others include ylang ylang, marjoram or sandalwood.

How To Use Essential Oils For Sleep

There are many ways in which you can use essential oils to help you sleep. 

  • Who doesn't know about taking a bath with essential oils?  This is probably the favourite of everyone- a relaxing hot bath with 4/5 drops of any of the above essential oils in there (a good idea is to mix 4/5 drops of essential oil in a 20 grams of carrier oil, such as olive or sweet almond, or sunflower oil thus making the essential oil safe to use on the skin)
  • Another popular way to use essential oil for sleeping is putting a few drops in a diffuser and burning it beside your bed.  Make sure all is safe when using a candle!
  • One of the easiest and most effective ways is to put a few drops on your pillow at night before you head off to bed.  Maybe put the drops on a corner of the pillow to minimise the danger of it being too close to the skin on your delicate face!!
  • One last way is to use a body butter or cream on your hands and or feet with essential oils in there.  I recommend lavender or ylang ylang body butters.  Even for men with beards a beard balm with any of the above essential oils rubbed into the beard before going to sleep will help.  And he'll smell divine the whole night through!!!

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